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Well obviously this is in a very cartoonistic style. It worked. I laughed at certain kills that were meant to be humorous. I cannot comment on the animation because things have already been said on that and your note was already taken I assume. Heres thigns I liked: Various kill methods. Character being the character and not some joe who is trigger happy. The character actually moving his face once in a while and the twist in the end.
Heres the thing that I noticed in the animation. You seem to be having problems with the camera or that could just be my computer.

The wire kill was neat. Good job buddio!

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Kenamy responds:

At cam size actually, i cannot make itvad a perfect cube.

Don't do drugs...

Cuz if ya do...

You turn into a fucking bird...

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Awesome animation bro
Blood was good
physics was nice
Gun are cool
It is worthy of frontpage :)

What you need to improve on is physics because some parts of the animation lacks physics.

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I gotta awesome game guys! I love how we don't kill a bunch of noobs in suits but kick some tough agent booty! The armoured guys were the best, you guys are even more awesome for that. I like how you don't just go crazy with the guns but you also take cover, dodge, jump snd use tactics to kill too!

Awesome guys, just awesome.

nice game

a larry gnome haha


you know, i just found out that vinnie should me 35 by now.
(man, he's OLD)

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This is my most favourite one! :D
It reminds me of Madness 9 alot.

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cheshyre responds:

Awesome! Thank you!

inspires me yet again

if i could i must slap u silly iwth a million bucks this is just amazing
every 10 seconds of the song has a epic scene behind it
i must animate something using this song
and ur face will be all over the description :3

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cheshyre responds:

Awesome!!! Do it!! Thanks for the review!!


this inspired me to draw something
check my gallery and look at my latest one called Ninja bale :3

cheshyre responds:

Awesome!! Whatever I can do to inspire others!!!

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Good job Ben! :D

Hands have been improved and the slipper detail for Jebus was pretty clever.
Well for the guy below I also don't know what you mean by side ways but all four zombies entire feet posture is always facing forward and to one direction only. Try different angles next time maybe?
Still good bro, still good.

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Tarantulaben responds:

Thanks, Aryf! :D

Headless people everywhere!!!

Awesome piece of art here! :D

Mass mayhem?

Well is it dude? :I

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