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Dammit I wish I could have drawn something sooner BUT it seems my drawings will come later than I thought.

The Madness Assassin project was also delayed but there is always nexy madness da-DAMMIT TARANTULAKID96 ALREADY EXPLAINED GO TO HIS PAGE FOR Q AND A.

Lololo anyways...

Gonna go check out some Madness stuffs

Madness day approaches

2012-09-08 06:37:39 by madmanaryf

So what are you guys gonna do for Madness day?

August aleady? wut wut.

2012-08-03 07:28:54 by madmanaryf

So Madness day approaches once again and hopefully Ben and I can finish a 3 minute animation within the short period of time. Well I got steam several days ago and I've been playing TF2 and I really like that game so I hope that it doesn't distract me. There is two of us so yea. When Ben finished his job I can go start out with mine. What are you guys doing this Madness day?

Tests: (will update)
Old mini gun thing: a1800e6d806312c19108

Not a test but a WIP mini toon: fbb376835dc5a3cfbba3

Successful explosion is successful! c66edcb00c3865cfa81c

Aaaaand the mini toon is done: -Rocket-launchers-320054604?q=gallery%3Amadmanar yf&qo=0

Yo sup?

2012-06-23 12:35:37 by madmanaryf

The images would be screenies of stuff that I am current;y working on. Obviously the sword one isn't an animations. Guess who it belongs to? :D


Just kidding...I MIGHT draw it depending on your request speech.....trolololo



Yo sup?

Alrighty working on some more madness

2012-05-04 09:58:59 by madmanaryf

Nowadays I'm working on improving on my madness animations. Which is a list below and a bunch of tests I'll be doing on. But a chunk of them will be put to one test so anyways, heres da list.

-Walking/Jogging (Not all hoppin' and actiony)
-Slow/Stealth movement
-Shimmy along a wall
-Bullet dodge (fall back)
-Simple kill (gun) (one shot, unaware from behind)
-Simple kill (knife) (three stabs, unaware from behind)
-Dive/Tackle a dood (add a little ground combat too if you like)
-A silent takedown by squeezing doods neck (unconscious)
-Corner cover, pop out from behind, shoot a dood (silenced pistol)
-Assassin (unarmed) struggling for dood's gun (or knife), takes it, kills him
-And maybe a little hand-to-hand combat

BTW this list was made by Tarantulakid96 who I'm working with to make projects and stuff.

Also here are two tests already done which might contain contents from the list above ex est2-299397542?q=gallery%3Amadmanaryf&qo=1

Also screenie to some the last collab I will be attending till I finish some other works

Alrighty working on some more madness

Maxed out and reached wave 40

2012-03-31 09:28:35 by madmanaryf

I'm currently in level 67 but no more enemies are coming after a kill them all in wave 40. Help? D:

Lol screeny

UPDATE: Wait a minute I realised, this is only the beginning...

Madness Nexus project

2012-03-25 06:41:56 by madmanaryf

Go play it! Do it now! Now I say!

UPDATE: Below is a picture of my character after one day of playing.
Also It was meant to say "Aryf" not player but I got into a small glitch and that happened. D:

Lol yeah he looks pretty beaten up


UPDATE: Now that there are medals I will unlock ALL THE MEDALS!!!

Note to self: Never give a grenade launcher to your squad members.

Note to self2: Don't use the grenade launcher AT ALL.

Madness Nexus project

I have a new sprite sheet :D

2012-03-17 05:47:59 by madmanaryf

Look at the preview below c:

Also I can only give you if you ask first I can only give it to trusted allies m,kay?

I have a new sprite sheet :D

I'm is another few collabs lol

2012-02-25 13:00:08 by madmanaryf

Derp yus I am
MADNESS DISRUPTION COLLAB by Jeffbee (I heard he got hacked so I don't really know if I will just give the parts for his collav to another guy)

MADNESS DEGENERATION COLLAB by Randomes (I will change that later after he tells me the name)
So this guy says there's no actual due date so I think I can take my time on this thing.

He say's I got till 15 march or something so I might owrk on this first.

Hey guys does the picture below look more like a test or a full fledge collab part?

Its suppose to be a part where a hooded guy I created is in a test even if the whole thingy a a whole collab part which isn't finished yet which is based on a test I watched from something made by Terkoiz which got me the idea of the BG and all that so that it looks like a test even if its really not a test but its meant to look like one so that-I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm is another few collabs lol

It's mah birthday!!!

2012-02-21 05:22:35 by madmanaryf

Yup, I'm now officially a 14 year old teenager! :DDD
Also working on a new sprite sheet of a hooded guy :3

It's mah birthday!!!